Electronic Circuit

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Due to COVID 19, MSC is  temporarily closed at the moment.

Please send me a text or leave me a message at 408-297-7532.

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 Electronics Musical Instrument Repair Since 1988

Our History

Musician's Service Center was established in 1988


We specialized in keyboard/synthesizer/electronic piano repair.
Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Roland, Casio, Akai, Nord, Sequential Circuit, Arp, Moog, Ensoniq, Kawai, Fatar, Technic.
We also repair Pro Audio Equipment:
QSC, JBL, Yamaha, Peavey, Ramsa, Tannoy, SWR, Trace Elliott, Soundtech, Washburn, Eden, Vox, Allen&Heath, Community, Celestion, Studiomaster, Soundcraft, Crate, Cerwin Vega, Fostex, Toa, Crest, Mackie, Fender, Sunn, Tascam, Teac, Marshall, TLA, Ross, Turbo Sound, Phase Linear, Digitech, Urei, Seck.